Apr 18 2019

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t ignorance of the law an inadequate defense? Like just because Junior was too dumb to realize he was breaking the law how does that absolve him?

Sep 27 2018

I’m with you. The only notifications that come through on my lock screen are texts, phone calls, and reminders that I set. That is all. I sit in meetings at work and see people’s phones blowing up with notifications about celebrity gossip, sports scores, etc, etc. It’s too much!

Sep 19 2018

For all you people going on about how this comment is petty, or an example of blatant partisanship. You seem to be forgetting the three things Trump can absolutely be counted on to do, ignore democratic norms; abuse executive power; and whine, and rage as loudly as possible to as many people as possible. Read more

Sep 18 2018

Ouch, this is rough. I hate the idea of him being able to force a text to my phone, but at the same time, if this were literally any other president, I’d be fully behind it. If FEMA and the office of the POTUS both think I should know something immediately, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Read more

May 13 2016

I don’t really fly anymore because of this kind of crap so I vote DMV also. I have never understood why a public service department only opens during regular work days and closed afternoons and weekends. You know the times normal people have to take care of their personal business. Aren’t they employed by the people Read more

May 6 2016

Well, little government certainly never built anything like the NYC subway. Main difference between say NY and Paris is that the French government allocates money to maintain important infrastructure while the US congress argues about whether to hold another meaningless vote on the affordable care act.

May 6 2016

Depend on government for your ride to work, surprised when it gets taken away for three years. Who knew?

Feb 17 2016

I think they’re saying that depending on food you grow is dumb. So your staples should be things you bring with, while the stuff you grow is there for the psychological boost.

Feb 17 2016

Really, what they’re saying is that early farming will be too limited to produce staples, so it should be something that’s a luxury, instead of to be relied on.

Aug 4 2015

Real penises and vaginas aren’t at all garish. Purple cock-shaped vibrators with a sparkly butterfly attached – those are garish.

Aug 1 2015

Maybe these corporations could use all the money they spending lobbying* politicians and use it to pay their employees like human beings. Or we could keep sliding into a cyberpunk megacorp dystopia. No matter how cool living in a William Gibson novel sounds, we should probably choose human decency.
Read more

Jun 27 2015

Three things that will never rise again: the proletariat, the South, and Jesus.

Jun 20 2015

As a mentally ill person I want to bake this woman an amazing cake. This man is not mentally ill, and that would just be a way for Fox and even progressive outlets to ignore the changes and evolution that has occurred in American racism.

Jun 13 2015

I think most people understand that employees skipping a shift, or even a part of a shift, can be very inconvenient and possibly warrant termination. I also think most of us can make exceptions for someone going to see if they have breast cancer after finding a growth.