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This is terrible news. RIP Mr Hauer. Thank you for your contributions to my life.  Read more

Matt Berry is a GENIUS so my hopes are high. Read more

Matt Berry is in this. Exciting!  Read more

Matt Berry is terrific in ANYTHING. Read more

I love Ann Nocenti’s writing and David Aja’s artwork. I am so buying this comic. Read more

I’m more focused on his pimp coat. Better have his money.
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 You’re trying to correct a person who called the Ghostbusters trailer “perfect” the day before their next article called it “flawed.” Germain don’t give a fuck so long as he meets his quota.
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I am just happy he is fucking up comics I do not care about now. Read more

Totally agree. There’s a lot to look at for the Bat-Family, esp. if you count the Titans and Teen Titans books. As someone who reads most of those Batbooks and loves them, this King run is on a different level. But really, almost the entire Rebirth run of the titled “Batman” series has been phenomenal. The first 12 or Read more

I get the reluctance when you see Batman but King really has done an incredible job. It 100% deserves to be on this list. This isn’t a “top 15 you may have missed” which they also do. It’s just a top 15. Read more

It’s in a class of its own. I hope it is successful enough to warrant a Fishboy collection, also the strip Goodall and Stokes did about refugee children in WII Poland (which sounds rather like The Silver Sword). Read more

I’m getting Marney the Fox for Christmas, and really looking forward to it. It looks gorgeous.
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I haven’t seen Spiritus or Cloudia & Rex, could you elaborate on either? Read more

Rebellion, who publish 2000AD and Judge Dredd deserve a round of applause for championing some neglected classics. They released collections of Marney the Fox by Scott M Goodall and John Stokes and Ken Reid’s ever wacky Faceache this year. Both are really rather marvelous and woefully missing from i09 coverage. And The Read more

Mystik U has had out ONE issue as of this article. It was good, but not good enough to justify being on the list. Read more

Mister Miracle somewhat redeems this list. Read more