Arok Lazarus
8:57 PM

So they took the curbstomp out of Judgement. I don't get why they would do that. I'm very upset now.

3:53 PM

Either I suck at games or Left 4 Dead 2 on normal with just you and one other person in coop is a HUGE pain in the ass. God its difficult. And the ally AI are terrible.

9:17 PM

Does anyone know where I can find a Wii U carrying case? Or have any good recommendations that they've verified have worked with one?

8:43 PM

So finally switched my girlfriend to a faster internet. HOLY CRAP its amazing. I've always felt that streaming Youtube videos in full 720p without having to pause was just a pipe dream. This is amazing! Also, we upload a lot of video, so what once took 3 hours now takes 15 minutes. My god its amazing.

11:38 PM

My girlfriend was playing Skyrim and found an interesting glitch. Apparently an NPC felt that a chicken was also an NPC and just kept telling it to leave. (This was in the Mage's College I believe.) Its more funny to watch than my description implies.

11:38 PM

Hey Truthtellah. Got a question about Persona 4 Golden. I'd message you but that still doesn't seem to work. Do you know how to catch the Guardian fish for the final quest for the Ema? Having a real tough time finding a walkthrough for it that doesn't assume you should already know certain things.

8:07 PM

Anyone know if the newest Gears of War will have a Horde mode? Overrun seems great and all but its not the same.

11:15 PM

Gooood I love Persona 4. Its one of my favorite games of all time and I really never expected to say that. Really wanting to watch the anime now and I'm not even a big anime fan. Anyone here watched the anime yet? How is it and about how many episodes? Also, I'm assuming it follows the game's story right? Read more

8:12 PM

Anyone around Houston, Texas know of some good Internet Service Providers. My girlfriend has AT&T and just recently found out that her mom has been paying $93/month for just 3Mbps and phone. Its terrible, terrible, internet and I want to get something better. They have DirecTV and want to keep that. I'm looking into Read more

12:33 AM

I got the Metroid Prime trilogy in today! Started playing the first one and wow. I haven't played it since probably 2 years after it came out and I'm quite shocked at just how good it still looks. I know they improved its look a little in the trilogy but it still blows my mind at how well it holds up. And ohhhhh that Read more