Aristarco Palacios
Jul 22

I have one of those terror dog figures. I keep it in the fridge.

Jul 2

While being subjective and having personal opinions are fine; still would have expected a bit more objective comments. You do not need an Office 365 subscription for the web apps. The new detail pane isn’t completely new and has been around for a while. What is “new” are items such as photo preview and Read more

May 22

I instantly ditch out of an article when they do that. And I hate the “recent video’s on GMG” crap too.

May 22

I say this every time dark mode comes up: When will GMG give me an option for dark mode here. Sure, I use an extension to force it, but it doesn’t work perfectly. Read more

Apr 15

They still have iPhone 5S bodies (the original SE). It would make a delightful all screen device. That is really what I was hoping for.

Apr 15

It is annoying that Apple typically says “Retina” in their initial releases, but they do always quickly follow up with actual specs. You’d think a tech site like this would do the 2 seconds of extra research to get all the specs up.
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Apr 6

Yes I agree. I just like to ask the question whenever people bash on Windows to see if they have any specific reasons or if they are just spouting nonsense. Usually their reasons are problems they caused themselves and they are too lazy to Google a fix.

Feb 4

thankfully being disabled and low income atm keeps me from collecting, but I am old enough to have used many mechanical keyboards in my day

Jan 31

Me: “Babe, isn’t that kind of expensive?”
Wife: “How much did you spend on that Millennium Falcon?”
Me: “I guess, now that I think about it a bit more, it looks fairly priced ...” 

Jan 10

That might even make for a cool page turning effect, wherein you see the outline pop and then the color pours in to fill. Would make it feel like each page is being drawn on your command, changing the user experience from “slow refresh” to “damn thats cool.

Nov 26

Fun fact: Svalbard is also the site of the largest pliosaur fossils that have been found to date. Which of course makes me picture armored polar bears riding giant armored pliosaurs (if they hadn’t gone extinct) into naval battles like aquatic Dino-Riders.

Nov 5

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually play Pac-Man, you’ll need to make peace with smartwatches if that’s a feature that’s important to you.”