Jun 2 2016

I recommend the album “Pedestrians” by Autohypnosis, which is 10 hours of instrumental ambient music, and it’s a free download. Search for it on Bandcamp.

Oct 1 2015

I’m guessing you’ve never met a rambler. Its a safe bet, cause if you had met one and if you didn’t change your tune about interuptions, you wouldn’t be posting here, you’d be stuck still waiting for this jackass to finally shut up.

Oct 1 2015

The only time I interrupt is when the person has already said something and is repeating it... and then I frequently get yelled at for doing so. Read more

Sep 30 2015

to be fair, I still thinks it’s easier to rename a file by just clicking on the file name

Mar 26 2015

What I'm really hoping is that this will force other companies into making competitive offers. Google Drive, OneDrive, and DropBox all work better for me and have better interfaces. But $60/year for unlimited storage is awfully attractive.