oh, god fuck.

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One of the original colonizers who settled at Las Salinas, Dominican Republic had the condition, and the remoteness of the village means a lot of endogamy, and over the years the gene was became widespread in the community.
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Especially when they apparently have only a rudimentary understanding of the language themselves. “are” “offical”
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That can’t be real. Are you fucking kidding me? Read more


But she won’t be on trial for being in the Nazi party. She will be on trial for genocide, the first element of which is that it is a crime of intent. So I imagine the State has very clear evidence that she knowingly worked as a telegraphs officer for the purpose of “destroying in whole or in part” the Jewish Read more

Of course, we can all only feel the way WE feel. MY feeling is that the big wheels are turned by little cogs. It is worth a trial- a fair one, in which she might be acquitted- to sort out how much her work contributed to the larger atrocity. Read more

But how would we know for a fact what someone did witthout a trial? If the DA is thinking of prosecuting it's because they feel something criminal was done and think a jury might agree. Who are we to assume that second hand participation doesn't warrant punishment. Often a trial isn't about the direct victims as it is Read more

Even at the very best, these people are terrible cowards. I don’t reserve sympathy for them. She should consider herself lucky she got to know what the sky looked like for this long. Read more

I don’t know what Karyn is going on about. My family is Jewish - though not religious - and I’ve lived with Jews my whole life. I don’t know anyone who is that concerned about “opening wounds that should be left to heal,” that “wants to move toward healing” or that thinks “we must learn to let go of the anger.” It’s Read more

What’s being suggested is a trial not an execution. I’m for letting a jury decide who knew and did what and what it deserves. Read more

I think you can put someone on trial without it being an expression of anger. Read more

I’m absolutely not torn at all. People defected from the party all the time. They had a choice, and they chose to keep their homes and livelihoods in exchange for the deaths of 7 million people. Read more

I like to point out the recent massacres of Muslims committed by Buddhists in Burma as a way to blow “lol religion of peace” morons’ minds. Read more

Yeah, but a LOT of people think of Buddhism as an enlightened exception. This is a reminder that it really isn’t. Read more

All major religions are fucked up patriarchies! Just a reminder.
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