Are Why
1/06/20 5:37PM

God, am I the only one who desperately wants Sam to say “I’m nigh-invulnerable when I’m blastin’!”, but knows in their heart they’re not going to get it? :(

10/30/19 11:28AM

If you don’t live in New York, which means you exist under a rock and your entire existence is meaningless... Read more

8/26/19 3:46PM

How was I rude? (Why does everybody eventually cry about rudeness over a long enough time? Jesus Christ. Sack up.) Read more

5/11/18 12:57PM

You’re like Fletch falling asleep and dreaming himself on the Lakers. This would make a great alternate ending.

5/11/18 7:55AM

I mean it was daring, but having her murder everyone at the wedding with her bare hands and then getting killed in a hail of gunfire as she leapt at the law enforcement surrounding the building was jarring to say the least. Read more