3:42 PM

Don't get me wrong, I love the new JCrew. But, maybe it's the ever increasing (seemingly doubling) price points that are the revenue problem? That with a significant cutback in basic basics (or they sell out too fast) and you're losing core customers. Interesting and stylish is good and fun, but basics bring you Read more

12:49 PM

No, you're not. You're entitled (and correct, in my opinion) to wish for that motherfucker to die in a fire. I think the idea is just that when people decide to pick the battle—that they have the time and energy and emotional fortitude and desire, at a particular moment, to give a bigot compassion and try to change Read more

11:31 AM

I don't mind being eviscerated; that's part of joining in the larger conversation. The best suggestion I've heard so far in this debate has been to use the opportunity to amplify the voices of people of color on those platforms that have a wide reach.

11:02 AM

My point is, how do I even go about doing that if I can't say anything for fear of drowning out those voices? I'm not trying to disagree with this whole premise, but it's frustrating to be told you're doing something wrong and then have absolutely no solutions presented. "Just do better" is not a solution, but it's Read more

10:41 AM

Sometimes I think good white people expect to be rewarded for their decency. We are not like those other white people. See how enlightened and aware we are? See how we are good? Read more

10:36 AM

I disagree. She has a point. She wasn't asking to be congratulated for it... she wasn't going to apologize for simply being a white person who cares. No one should have to apologize for doing good things just because of their color.

10:06 AM

I didn't say no criticism. I the most effective criticism comes from a place of love. Anger has it's place. It's a fuel for passion and action and behavior. But it's a destructive force, like fire. Like fire, it has to be marshaled and controlled, or it will hurt people. Read more

9:21 AM

I guess the question is "How can white people be supportive of the issue without seeming to demean or take over the issue? " If white people don't talk talk about what they do in the situation, then the narrative is that white people are ignoring the issue (which so many do). If white people talk about the issue, Read more

9:20 AM

Not talk about it. You can just do the right thing without telling everyone. That's not only for issues of racism, it's also just a general rule. You shouldn't need positive reinforcement for being a decent person. Just be one.

11:28 PM

I'm sorry but this is bullshit. If you heard probably 99% of the pop stars these days sing live "unplugged" with no reverb or accompaniment I doubt it would be much better. Beyonce can't sing half as well. Mariah has some def vocal problems, wear and tear from all the riffing and over singing, but this is unfair Read more

12:20 AM

thank you. thank you. thank you. aaron taught me how to live, and i think the purpose of my life is to share him with whoever will listen to me. x