Infiltration tactics did not come into wide usage until 1918, so while what you’re saying is true, it wasn’t until late in the war. Read more

Star Wars has always been space fantasy.  Congratulations on your realization 42 years later. Read more

I have had the opposite experience. It’s a nice port that you can play on the go, and I think they did a good job with the controls. Read more

I found it on Bogano, too.  It’s not a glitch.  Apparently, you can find it on whatever planet you go to first after a certain point. Read more

You get the double-bladed saber from whatever planet you go back to first, I read somewhere.  I got it on Bogano, for example. Read more

Concentration camps exist here, too. They’re just full of Latin American migrants so no one cares. Read more

I work in telecommunications expense management, and I see corporations’ actual breakdown of vendors used for their enterprise accounts, and while Verizon Wireless still holds the bulk of devices, more and more companies have moved to AT&T Mobility, and, increasingly, T-Mobile for all or some of their fleets because Read more

Yes, you may as well start on the newest Civ, and it’s a nice port.  Controls really nicely for a console port. Read more

Yes, you may as well start on the newest Civ, and it’s a nice port.  Controls really nicely for a console port.

It’s not a crafting system, no matter what they call it. It’s the same as Overwatch gold: currency you get randomly that can be used to unlock something. Read more

Thank you.  Framing portrayals of “normal” German conscripts during World War II as Nazis is asinine.  Was every soldier that invaded Iraq a Republican?  Anyway, you elucidated this point already, so I won’t go one, but it had to be said so I’m glad to read your comment. Read more

I have hundreds of hours in Civ V and VI and multiplayer is nothing more than an afterthought. Read more

Destiny 2 has been free on PC and PS4 recently, and if you buy the $40 Forsaken expansion you get all the previous expansions with it.  So it’s not a $140 game by any means. Read more

That’s fair.  Everyone is entitled to their preferences.  In any case, the chores are entirely optional.  You don’t have to touch them if you don’t want to. Read more

Counterpoint: it’s fun as hell Read more

What was wrong with it was Tony Siragusa. Read more

This has been affecting my game anytime I’m playing multiplayer.  It’s fine in single player, thankfully. Read more

The fiercest of all songbirds. Read more

That’s fine, but it really boils down to the writer not being into football as much as she thought she was when the team was good. It’s called being a fair-weather fan, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just don’t know if this is a function of some sort of nadir for football, or if it’s just that...watching a Read more