10/22/19 6:04PM

Her videos on NYT Cooking’s YouTube page are pretty lit as well. It’s particularly useful to see how she artfully navigates her small kitchen and makes it work for her. I highly recommend. Also, regardless of her social media celebrity, she writes damn good recipes that are relatively easy, with just enough oomph to Read more

2/19/19 1:01PM

Ah yes, Kunty Karl. Was there anyone more alone? He would go through spates of beautiful young men, who he would take shopping and on holiday, and you knew he bedded them, and was absolutely alone.
Read more

1/11/19 12:09PM

I’m also completely fed up with the contempt so many people have for the older female politicians who have been working for decades. There seems to be a paradox of younger women saying getting older is cool and wishing they had mentors, and then also telling older women that only young firebrands have the answers. Read more

1/11/19 11:37AM

One of the big disappointments in the US system, for me, is this unrelenting need to find the next big hero who is going to fix everything. The It Girl or Boy of the moment who says all the right things and there’s a collective swoon - and the same is true of the Villain of the Moment. To watch it occur, over and over Read more

12/06/18 10:47AM

My biggest disappointment about Trump’s funeral is that he’ll be too dead to know how sparsely attended it was compared to his predecessors.

12/06/18 9:26AM

I don’t know why or where you’re going with this, but one thing I know for sure is that it is too early.

12/03/18 2:39PM

What’s even worse is that they basically want to cast people who will give them free marketing through social media content. Lazy and cheap.

12/03/18 2:32PM

The whole Twitter follower metric is just a lazy ass way for people to make decisions between many candidates. Kind of like SAT scores. Neither of those metrics will really tell you who the most talented candidate is, but they can be used to make decision-makers feel less culpable for being lazy while they tell Read more

9/29/18 8:22PM

Oh what a surprise -all the bros who said “I’m not sexist for hating Hillary, I’d totally support Warren if she ran” are suddenly saying why they wouldn’t support Warren. Fucking shocker.

9/28/18 3:09PM

What’s your point? Obama did it your way but Garland didn’t get confirmed anyway. Read more

9/28/18 2:34PM

This may be an unpopular opinion, but am I the only one who’s a bit annoyed by all the passion from progressives on this issue? Trump’s Supreme Court nominations aren’t a surprise, we knew whoever won between he and Hillary would make 2-4 of them. Still, progressives couldn’t be bothered to come out and vote yet now Read more

9/28/18 11:18AM

As many people on Twitter point out, abusers cry. My abuser cried. Crying is sometimes what abusive men do because they don’t have a handle on their feelings or behavior; they’re angry and confused and scared. It’s so similar to when a child cries during a temper tantrum. They know enough to understand right from Read more

9/06/18 11:54AM

I (like everyone else with a soul) love the song linger. It wasn’t until after her death that Ilearned she wrote the lyrics for the song at only 17 years old. And honestly, it made even more sense. Such passion, such emotion, it can only come from someone who is so young and so new to romantic feelings. I’m about to Read more

6/28/18 10:21AM

Cool. Let’s have more intra-party squabbling like last time. It worked out great!

6/27/18 5:09PM

“Let us pause here for a moment and give thanks once again to those brave voices of The Left who would not be cowed by the extortionate pleadings of Hillary Rodham Clinton to remember the importance of the Supreme Court while casting their precious vanity ballots in November of 2016. Well done, dilettantes.” - Charlie Read more

6/08/18 1:05PM

Not only that but I’ve always viewed anti-vac people as basically saying “I’d rather my kid die of a preventable disease than be autistic.” Because that’s what it pretty much boils down to. They don’t want an autistic child, and they blame the vaccines for that possibility. They’d rather their child just outright die Read more