Arcadia Power
Apr 19 2017

Hello, thank you for the interest. Watching this quick two minute video from the EPA should cover all of your questions about RECs. In regards to the billing, Arcadia manages and handles making sure your bill gets paid on time with your utility. So you just have to pay one bill through Arcadia. Hope that helps, and

Mar 16 2017

Hello, at this time it is just a cost neutral (free plan) or small premium (premium plan) to support renewables with us. It’s really easy though and you will get 4 free bulbs :). Feel free to check out our help center or call us at 866-526-0083 if you have any questions. Thanks!

Oct 12 2016

Hi Cliff here from Arcadia Power. We offer both a free 50% wind plan and premium 100% wind plan. The free 50% plan is at no extra cost to your electric bill, while the premium is a fixed 1.5c per kWh premium. The premium plan is for those that want to take the extra step and support 100% clean energy with their power Read more