Arachnyd OH78
Sep 30 2017

This is my experience as well. Everyone I know who adjuncts has a 9-5 and teaches a few classes at night in subjects that shunt into their field, so they’re essentially teaching their eventual replacements. I didn’t realize until I read the Guardian article that there are a significant number of people who are just Read more

Sep 30 2017

I did leave the country-to accompany my spouse to his country in SW Europe where he has a stable but not particularly interesting or well-paying job as an academic. The situation for academics is somehow even worse here-plenty of people in their 30s and 40s live with their parents even though they work full time. I Read more

Aug 5 2017

The UAW have themselves to blame. They have created a “Us vs Them” mentality between auto works and manufacturers over the years. The “I’ll take this company down if they don’t give me what I want” mentality is so ingrained in the UAW membership, why on Earth would any auto manufacturer want them? Why did the lose Read more

Jul 28 2017

they are paying her for what the car was worth, thats a fair deal, if she got in an accident and someone elses insurance was paying it would be the same deal, they would only pay for what the car is worth, not the purchase price, gap insurance would cover the rest

Jul 28 2017

I’d argue that the better decision for most people is to just make a down payment big enough to keep the loan in the black but yes, barring that if you don’t have GAP insurance you’re being silly.

Jul 28 2017

Yup, just like having the car paid off doesn’t make it valueless...

Jul 28 2017

Why would the city pay for her mistake of taking out a bad loan? They owe her the replacement value of the car at its current depreciation. I personally think they owe her a rental but that’s debateable. Read more

Jul 28 2017

Why would the city cover someone’s underwater loan? They owe for the damage they caused. Not the damage you caused yourself by taking out a bad loan.

Jul 24 2017

It’s a shame the guy getting beaten probably isn’t allowed to have one to protect himself in Canada.

Jun 25 2017

Because a lot of guys buying them do so not because they are car guys but because to them a Corvette in the garage means they made it. They buy it because they finally can. Then they realize that they’re low and small and stiff and all of the things sports cars are and don’t drive them.

Dec 14 2016

She was a bad candidate that no matter how hard people worked for her, it didn’t matter. She just didn’t appeal to the voters.