Aug 6

Hennies, let me tell you, I have photographed Ms. James a number of times in and around NY, and she....DOES NOT PLAY. Read more

Aug 5

Touch screens are dumb and dangerous for any functions of a car that are actively controlled while driving. Sure, bury settings in touch menus. But stereo volume, hvac (esp defrost), wipers, cruise, trasmission, blinker, lights, etc all need to be physical buttons that can be manipulated without looking.

Aug 5

This is also a good time to remember that the DCCC instituted a rule to blacklist anyone who worked on a primary campaign against a congressional incumbent. So everyone who helped this campaign win can expect to see backlash for upsetting the existing power structure.

Aug 5

Black women tried to save this fucking country in 2016, they helped restore some sanity to it in 2018 and damn if they aren’t telling white men and the Karen club that shit will be different in 2020. Post a link to where I can buy a Vote Warnock shirt as well. Well done ladies and thank you.

Aug 5

I absolutely love the fact that this woman is part owner of a franchise that is actively and openly working against her at a personal and professional level... all because she couldn’t keep her fucking mouth shut. Read more

Aug 5

Not just the players are stepping up, the commissioner too. It would have been easy to issue a milquetoast response to Loeffler’s caucasity, but the league made it clear they’re standing with their players and BLM. As far as endorsing her opponent, that’s great. It’s not “cancel culture. It’s individuals using voices/ Read more

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Aug 3

If I were the female customer he threatened to rape, I would have stood up, walked over to him, and kicked him in the balls. Self-defense.

Aug 3

So much supremacy. I’m getting tired of all the supremacy. Can’t even go out to eat now without some big-bellied, stick’n’poke, sweaty-assed mud-butt shaking his acorn in peoples’ faces. They call it supreme and it don’t even come with sour cream. It is just mayo. Lord, lord. This is the best you got? This guy and Read more

Aug 2

Here in Florida (surprise!) a number of schools decided to go forward with in-person graduation ceremonies in the last few weeks. Students were allowed to have guests and were socially distanced with the majority of the ceremony taking place outside in the Florida heat. At each of these ceremonies, on different days, Read more