9/15/20 12:25PM

I dont usually respect Lewis that much for his personality and tendency to complain whenever hes not winning, but god damn if he didnt pull back all those respect points for this. Read more

8/18/20 12:51PM

Yep, that’s fair. Eight years of F1 experience ought to help with the first two (amazingly, Verstappen is only about nine months older now than Hamilton was when he debuted in F1). And Verstappen does seem to have outgrown the phase of randomly stuffing the car into a wall every few weekends, so his consistency is Read more

8/12/20 6:03AM

As my ‘people’ are from CO, I never understood but Aurora seems to be the ‘Florida’ of CO.

8/12/20 1:59AM

I think that's an accurate comparison, after all at this point the US is considered a third world country.

8/11/20 11:48PM

There’s a little of Florida in all of us. 

8/04/20 10:12PM

It was definitely a great opportunity, one of many I have been afforded. Certainly up there with driving behind Hurley Haywood in a GT3 RS at 145 mph between 8 and 10 at Road Atlanta in the rain.

I did know a lot about Murray’s career, but I certainly did my homework as well. Thank you for the kind words, I’m quite Read more

7/30/20 10:18AM

OK, me first. Do not take Ultium if you are allergic to Ultium. If you have had problems tolerating  Stellantis, consult your health care professional prior to beginning Ultium.

7/10/20 9:53PM

Yeah, most of these trucks don’t leave the city. That’s what they’re for. 

7/05/20 8:23PM

Back in the 80's you could still occasionally find Pumas in the US, and I really wanted one. Fortunately I never found one because I probably would have bought it and destroyed it because I was an idiot in the 80's.