Yeah, odd that they had to read this quote: Read more

1. I don’t think Trump can afford to get rid of her. As reprehensible as she is, she’s the best WHPS Trump’s had or is ever likely to get. And from her side, I wonder if she has a career exit figured out yet. Maybe she’ll have to ride this until the wheels fall off. Read more

To read the weekly reports of the BTL self-appointed herald of UK politics, you might think the UK Labour party leadership and a massive swathe of the membership was a group of inveterate Jew-haters. That’s what you’re told, after all, but the herald is quick to dismiss any information that counters this, and Read more

You’re an absolute coward for greying my comments, by the way. Read more

Was the Auschwitz survivor a “scumbag”? Read more

This is the sound of the barrel being scraped on the attempt to take Corbyn down, and I don’t think it’s going to work. This one was tried already during the last election. And this time — consider the source, please — you’re going to make a bigger deal of it this time on the word of Netanyahu, of all people? Read more

Sadly, if she had anything good it would have been coming out first instead of... a tape that bafflingly makes Kelly look better than her. Read more

If your life is so far removed from poverty issues that playing a game in which the barely mentioned employment strife of a cartoon fucking cat was your catalyst for political awakening, then maybe you don’t “get this now” and maybe you’re not a socialist at all. Read more

Never been on the train, but I’m amazed it didn’t all end for good when Kim K promoted that appetite-suppresant lollipop Read more

If you have the choice, you’ve got to go back (or go somewhere similar). I sweat too easily in low humidity too, and I get horrendous knock-you-out migraines. I used to think my problem was heat, so I avoided going anywhere hotter, but that turned out to be a terrible mistake. Read more

Too much cloud here, but it’s... interesting. Sort of a salmon glow behind everything. Better than the sun at the moment, but there’s not much in it.

So she wanted to get past this, and wanted to talk to him to do that. When you’ve tried talking to your friends but you’re still fucked up about it, you might think the only way you can get past it is to privately confront the person concerned and see them acknowledge what happened. Read more

How do you know she was “stalking”? You still said it. Read more

I don’t agree with that at all. The indirect description of him isn’t her being sly or coy. As a non-lawyer, she would be worrying about whether she could name him directly or not in her account. Read more

They’ve convinced themselves that if it’s not on their tax bill, then it’s an acceptable cost. They actually believe they’re getting a better deal than if they saw the money go out in tax, and they imagine that “competition makes everything cheaper” (please, come to the UK and try and travel by train). Read more

Did they show the same post-credits scene with the sausage and the military knife on Showtime, or was that only on the Channel 4 UK broadcast? Read more