Mr. Spock
Mar 3

Joke of the year in 2020 was Shaun Diston and Scott Aukerman, while discussing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, referring to New York as “sort of like the fifth turtle.”

Feb 27

Now that it’s over and both dog walker and dogs are safe, I don’t feel bad co-signing onto to this idea:

Feb 26

To be fair, the destruction of Krypton will make for a hell of a lens flare

Feb 26

Seeing Abrams involved in a project gets me about as excited as the call that it’s time for my colonoscopy, which is to say, the exact opposite.

Feb 26

I’d be interested to know how this breaks down next to number of available minutes.  After all, WandaVision has 7 episodes available and is in its infancy, and CM is a giant 224-ep behemoth. 

Feb 25

I don’t know that the power windows analogy fits. There are a lot of people out there who just don’t need or want a touchscreen capable laptop. I’m certainly one of them. It’s just an opportunity for more fingerprints and it doesn’t make me any more productive for the type of work I do.

Feb 25

I appreciate her wanting her dogs back “no questions asked”, but a guy was shot here! Questions need to be asked.

Feb 25

Yeah, I would say that what was asked of them back then was nothing compared to the bare it ALL in EVERY way ethos that’s expected of anyone who sets foot on a reality TV show these days. For today’s reality TV, if I’m going to ruin my life and make myself mostly unemployable besides more reality TV and related Read more

Feb 25

That’s a little less than $5k in today’s money. Which is low but actually not unusually low for reality tv standards especially since it is not like producers knew ahead of time how big the show would be. Read more

Feb 25

What are you talking about? In my home, all the bathrooms are clearly designated as for male or female use. None of this sharing bullshit.

Feb 20

Easily fixed by mounting a cheap Coleman tent to the roof rack