May 28

reading white liberals condemning the riots have been frustrating. black people have to constantly read and watch their community be horribly brutalized and straight up murdered, by those who swore to protect you no less. not only that, they have every single thing in life stacked against them. imagine having that Read more

May 28

The riots are understandable demonstrations of righteous, justified anger and I think people sitting on the sidelines using this to derail the real conversation about police brutality are acting in bad faith, but no, a riot isn’t a revolution.

Mar 6

Wasn’t Mary Shelley escaping a plague outbreak with some other rich folks when she wrote Frankenstein? Are any of these bastards on their private jets inventing new genres of fiction?

Mar 6

I sincerely hope this virus hits members of this administration and GOP members of Congress hard - McConnell, Jordan, Nunes and so on. In a way it’s good there isn’t a vaccine - if there were it would no doubt be rationed - so they’re just as vulnerable as everyone else. Donnie Dipshit probably thinks he’s going to be Read more

Mar 5

It makes me a bad person but I kinda hope all of his supporters absolutely believe him and go out and intentionally engage in risky behavior and end up catching the damn virus.  Then we’ll really see what the percentages are ....

Feb 2

I feel like you might taking the ball, running off the field, through the crowd, and into the parking lot there, rather than scoring a prediction touchdown, as it were. You start plausibly but... Trump’s supporters are a minority, and they are aging, and becoming more of a minority. He’ll win if the Democratic machine Read more

Jan 31

I have a horrible feeling he will get a second term. We’re fucked. I’ll vote against him of course, but it won’t matter. We only have the appearance of a Democracy now, we go through the motions of the Democratic process, but it’s just to keep us busy and under the impression that we still have a choice. The Impeacheme Read more

Jan 17

I had a realization a little over twenty years ago that I was either going t marry an asshole just because he was there, or spend my life single. I chose single, and I’m perfectly happy with that.

Jan 3

Trumpanzees are the dumbest people on the planet. And a whole hell of a lot of them are chicken hawks.

Jan 3

I don’t share your optimism, although I want to, because I read some study that the reason Americans love sports (specifically football) is that those events are a stand in for war. Read more

Dec 26

Ahhhhhh America. The land where if an educator ever hopes of earning a wage that will take them slightly beyond the nerve wracking paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, they have to spend decades of their lives earning a masters degree and numerous certifications in hopes of getting the slight comfort of tenure. But a Read more

Dec 20

I stand by previous statement about cruel people.

Nov 25

In related news, “independents” are now turning against the inquiry.

I fucking hate this country.

Oct 28

These two idiots are the prototypical Trump supporters. They are directly negatively affected by Trump’s policies, yet the still support him. Also, you’re right, they really do see themselves as being better than other immigrants. Even though they’re criminals who add nothing of value to society and they cost Read more

Oct 21

You really have to be a mentally ill, delusional shut-in to think that there will ever be a race war.
Read more

Oct 17

At this point, Trump is daring Republican senators to come for him. He knows that they know that he’ll take half the party with him if they betray him. Few will be able to win in a primary, and none would be able to win a general election if he told his devotees to stay home. Turning on Trump will crack the Read more

Oct 15

I agree it isn’t OK to say the word but then why is it OK for it to be so prevalent in lyrics?” Read more

Oct 15

About a year ago I was discussing this type of incident with my 23 year old receptionist and another co-worker. It came about because I think it was Travis Scott had a fan singing who used the N word at a concert (there was also an incident of some sorority girls singing along to Kanye using the N word). I had said Read more

Oct 5

Tell me again how Trump voters or their next two generations of children should retain the right to vote. Read more