Hmmm...I bet I could find a TDI-swapped XJ somewhere. Ooh, or an XJ with a big honkin’ Detroit up front. Read more

It’s adorable that he still views/references himself as “one of their own” after an interaction like this. Read more

or will the all-electric Vette be something else entirely?”

Victims still expected to solve problems caused by racists. Read more

OMG perfect. That design is just awful all around. Use whatever fancy words and psychology you want but it is horrible. Yes, the smaller grill is soooo much better.  BMW is betting on China long term. Have moved on from us - They know they will still have buyers here, but we are no longer the alpha target Read more

Aw, the fanciest of feasts 🤌🏼 Read more

At least they weren’t raisins. Read more

Sell them as Scions. Pretty sure that brand hasn't used up EV tax credits. Read more

First of all, ALL the cases in the dept he was in charge of need to be gone over with a fine tooth comb. Read more

Russia does not gain (in any way, except for getting to fly stolen planes for a few months) but the lessors most definitely lose. It is the equivalent of a meth head stealing your catalytic converter and selling it for $45. Read more

I would add “The Doomsday Machine,” where we see a contrast between the resourceful, determined Kirk and the vengeful, broken Decker, battling each other and a rampaging planet killer.  Read more

Boeing has previously seen difficulty with its 737 Max planes, which have recently been declared safe again by the FAA. But the five-year-old plane that crashed in China today was not one of the controversial Max planes.
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It’s beautiful, but I think it would be better without the giant fucking infotainment screen hotglued to the dash.  Read more

One of my greatest accomplishments as a father is getting my two children to develop a taste for spicy foods. Read more

I can only hope this means the return of the Pontiac Grand Prix GTP as well Read more

Those zany Pittsburgh buses are at it again. Is there nothing those lovable scamps won't do for our crumbling amusement? 

Copyright law is already better in the US. Read more

If you are a hedgehog, don’t try and be a bird. Know the hedgehog, be the hedgehog. Be the best damned hedgehog. Read more