Oct 22

Careers have ebbs and flows, right now she’s riding a crest and she understands that value. Sure, its entitled, petty, etc. But the undercurrent is, she’s the talent, they either want her or they don’t. If she says this thing, that costs them nothing, means something to her, and they’re going to treat her like this on Read more

Oct 22

Everyone please understand here. One they were in contract negotiations trying to lower the amount she made so lets set the table.
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Oct 21

So you muet've hated the original, huh? Since that was the whole premuse- them escaping the water tower after so long and dealing with a world they knew little of.

Oct 15

Yet here he is, a moderate liberal, doing something genuinely positive with his time and resources, and here you are, progressive bona fides and all, being internet mad about a TV show.

Oct 13

This episode was simply magnificent. About fifteen minutes in, I was a little bit worried if it could maintain the memory jump aspect over the whole 50 minutes, but it not only did that, it exceeded any expectations. I also think it did an awesome job in establishing what it means to be a ghost in Bly Manor, where you Read more

Oct 10

that little piece of info was dropped about 1 hour before the season dropped. I saw it on Insta and was like HOLY SHIT

Oct 9

Something that continuously struck me was how beautiful the shooting of the episode was. In the story, once Dani gets to the Manor, everytime the shot focuses on a character, it felt like if there was a fogginess to the light behind them. Additionally the way they used hallways and the way they stretched to add to the Read more

Oct 9

Oh, good, Carla Gugino is in this. For some reason I didn't think she'd be in this season.

Sep 29

They are going to have to stretch the limits of acting to have someone so likeable and nice portray someone so repugnant. Thankfully, Gillian Anderson is a top notch actress in addition to being a cool person.

Sep 26

Wow. I thought maybe she was playing Ursula, but nope, they straight up confused Halle Bailey with Halle Berry. Oops.

Sep 25

Does The AV Club really think Halle Berry is starring in The Little Mermaid?

Aug 7

Really, I think that joke is more about playing with Prince's butt. Which they were doing on Seasame Street like forty years ago.