AntisocialJusticeWarrior: Nastier Woman Than Ever
11:40 AM

I had a bully in 7th grade who held me against a table and punched me for several minutes in school. I was a really small kid and this guy was massive. Lucky for me he wasn’t hitting me with full force, but it still hurt and I struggled to get away. It was when classes were changing and students AND teachers walked by Read more

11:33 AM

Yeah, that part stuck out to me as well. It’s important because it reinforces the idea that sexual assaults don’t occur in a vacuum. Whether it’s the child being molested by a parent while the other parent keeps everything hush-hush, or a circle of acquaintances who know “that dude is sketchy” or even (as in this Read more

11:33 AM

Seriously, some friends. My friends drink a lot. There are a number of them known for bad drunken behavior. No one aside from the trouble makers tolerates this shit and will get physically involved to shut it down if necessary. What is wrong with these people?!

11:24 AM

This is heartbreaking. I hate the narrative of “well why didn’t you just go to the police right when it happened?” that people always use to discredit accusers. There are SO MANY REASONS why someone doesn’t go ahead- fear, fucking PTSD and an inability to recount the events because of trauma, FEAR, isolation, no Read more

11:23 AM

This was my immediate thought. where did they all go? Did they all leave the house simultaneously? or if they were still in the house no one went to help!? The world is a pile of shit.

11:14 AM

The people on the porch quickly dispersed. Jordan says Oliver dragged her across the house to the bathroom and threw her into the tub, threatening to urinate on her: “I started screaming at him and the noise I was making concerned him enough that he yanked me out of the tub and told me he wouldn’t if I shut up. Read more

10:24 AM

I think the suggestion that women are more emotional and can’t handle high stress jobs is sort of rich coming from a person that wrote a 10-PAGE MANIFESTO about HR.