Tuesday 7:10AM

Chess has been recognised as a sport by the International Olympic Committee since 2000. Read more

Tuesday 6:12AM

The IOC classifies chess as a sport; though personally I think Darts and Bowling are better comparisons.

Saturday 11:16PM

If your family is sweating at 78 degrees and you’re worried about them dehydrating, you and your fellow penguins need to move back to Antarctica.

Friday 10:38AM

Comment posted too quickly for me to have read article in entirety. Condescending sentence calling out author for not including piece of information clearly detailed in paragraph 4 of the story. Follow-up referencing tangential or entirely unrelated fact betraying a shallow understanding of the topic based on half a Read more

6/14/21 8:42PM

The voice actress for Lady D had a stream going on at the same time and she looked like she could barely keep a secret and kept saying that's interesting news.  Its gonna be her.  Capcom likes money and they know the character is still big.  I'm fine with this by the way. 

6/14/21 7:38PM

Haven’t accomplished a damn thing in our lives? I once did that thing where you put a pile of coins on your elbow and swing your hand down to catch them, and I’m pretty sure I got, like, 75% of those coins. A lot clattered under the couch, but still. Checkmate. 

6/14/21 7:07PM

Except they didn’t actually do anything. They literally state you can still stream, but you’re at the mercy of your platform, ya know, the way its been for a while? Read more

6/14/21 3:36PM

Around a decade ago, Elon Musk and Tesla had a great idea. They developed an electric car that was the opposite of what we had come to expect from one. People thought electric cars were slow so they made it fast. We thought they took forever to charge so they developed a way to charge them quickly and built the Read more

6/13/21 1:59PM

I hope when they say co-op open world they mean actual open world for both players simultaneously, not some sort of tether system that keeps players within X distance of each other. 

6/06/21 5:41PM

can you post a link to the video? I have been a game dev for over 25 years, I remember many of those texture cd’s and I STILL see images from them around lol

6/06/21 3:20PM

No, it was quite the common practice, especially in the N64/PS1 and GCN/Xbox/PS2 eras. The vast majority of textures from that era, especially for stuff like walls and rocks and grass, came from stock photos. Developers also tend to use regular photos of people to make metallic reflections.

6/02/21 1:54PM

What if we built some kind of guide system for these autonomous trucks right into the road, so that the truck didn’t have to steer itself the whole time and can instead just follow a track, since there will be tons of trucks driving the exact same route? Then what if instead of just one tractor pulling one trailer, we Read more

6/01/21 5:04PM

Oh man, you didn’t check in to see how this insane stretch of a nothing-burger was getting roasted over at The Root? Cause it’s getting no traction there, and it feels like their readership should know. Read more

6/01/21 11:38AM

It’s also not a new story. I read an article on this (I want to say last year?) and she talked about how she came from a super privileged, wealthy background and her embarrassment over her participation in this ball. I’m trying to find it now but every page of google is dominated by this latest news. Read more

6/01/21 10:37AM

There’s really not much of anything here. The headline and the beginning of the story made it sound like Erin from The Office was burning crosses and shit. Nope, she attended some corny debutante ball thing that has a racist past. Most of the US has a racist past. Read more

6/01/21 10:16AM

Am I missing something? I see no connection other than the origins of the festival or party or whatever that would tie her to KKK leanings. If dumbass Black people wanted to join that bullshit, that’s of course their choice but I don’t see where she was personally connected to the KKK or even racism. I also think it’s Read more

5/31/21 5:30PM

Just try looking for driver: san francisco. An absolute gem of a game which has now disappeared, and the sale codes on this are frankly insane.

5/31/21 11:24AM

Slipped on medication -> lost their job -> lost their insurance -> lost their doctor :: a very common pattern. And, this person seems to have paranoid tendencies (which is common but not universal in schizophrenia) and so distrusted their doctor. Read more