LA resident here. I used to buy the SoCal select annual passes for my daughters, my wife and me, up until about 2016. I remember first getting them in 2009- at the time, I believe they were $135. For a FULL YEAR (with a hefty number of blackout dates, but hey, we weren’t going on the weekend and dealing with those Read more

Sooo...vibrating anal beads or no?
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Well, at least New AV Club is continuing the Old AV Club tradition of hyping some random movie to the hilt only to ultimately give it a C-. Read more

That’s because newsrooms are still full of white men. As far as they’re concerned, pregnancy and abortion are women’s issues that do not affect them. Read more

Well, why not?  Apparently a man getting his feelings hurt because someone said something true is grounds for giving that man tens of millions of dollars now.   Read more

My first thought was of the Floating Market in Neverwhere. Read more

I saw the title of this episode and then the tagline/blurb on Hulu’s site. This absolutely has to be inspired by the Troll Market scenes in del Toro’s Hellboy II. Read more

Maybe just a coincidence, but when Bunny makes the trashcan shot, she says “Lin-sanity!” Which is mainly a decade-old reference to Jeremy Lin when he was with the Knicks, but also Lin turns out to be Nina’s last name. Huh. Read more

Something I think this show does really well is that it remembers that everyone is human. This isn’t even reference to how we are shown Bunny in this episode, but even when revealing those others sides to her, it never feels judgmental to the central three over not wanting to hang with her that night. As it shouldn’t Read more

I wasn’t feeling the need for a second season for this show (fear of diminishing returns, like Big Little Lies, etc) - but I LOVE Jane Houdyshell, so I may have to tune in for this one... Read more

Having been 9 months pregnant, I can’t imaging Nina could stab someone multiple times with 2 different implements.
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I dated a woman who lived in the Ansonia (the building the Arconia is modeled after). She moved there in the late 70's and when I knew her in the 90's she was paying about $450 a month because of rent control. It’s likely that Martin’s and Short’s characters are long time residents and pay next to nothing, Read more

The other characters’ horrified reactions to Amy Schumer are kind of making those scenes work for me Read more

I’m charmed, disarmed and agog at another show about people who live in fancy NYC apartments with no apparent means of support Read more

I’ll take disarming charm over commenter forced snark. Read more

Klaus may be one of my favorite TV characters of all time. So excited to have this show back. Read more

Yeah I’m not buying it from him. Read more

If he’s seriously reformed, I think he owes it to the country to be much more public about it. Explain his reasons and show that he understands why his previous positions were so awful. He wasn’t just some random conservative who saw the error of his ways, he was a white nationalist leader. Read more

C’mon man, mark your thread as a spoiler before going into details.
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