I routinely sign up for the trial and cancel it before it renews (I rarely need something right now but when I do I use it), and they are very insistent that you don’t cancel, but it’s “only” 6 pages. It can be difficult on some to find the “No, I’m really sure, do what I say” option from time to time but it’s never Read more

I can at least respect the fact that Amazon is a paying sponsor and Giz has no problem running unflattering F.U. articles about Amazon.  At least we can rest knowing that Giz isn’t explicitly censoring articles because of Amazon being a sponsor. Read more

The ‘accidental purchase’ is so easy to do that even if my kids are searching for a TV show or movie that’s on Netflix/Disney+, our FireTV might still pull up search results for Prime, resulting in a purchase/rental. It’s so ubiquitous, that I just let my kids have at it, let them enjoy the paid programming, and then Read more

Hope you enjoy driving to stores with that $5/gallon gasoline. Read more

Gizmodo: “Amazon sells you discounted junk” Read more

Try actually going through. Based on other sites I’ve dealt with (and comments basically saying Amazon is worse), “End Membership” is the first of 20+ pages that you’ll have to go through to actually cancel. And then it might not actually go through even though it said it did. Read more

This stuff goes way beyond Amazon. They really need to put in a rule that you have to be informed that you are signing up for a subscription in clear print when you are, and that if you signed up for the subscription online, you should be able to unsubscribe online as well (looking at you, Bloomberg and New York Times) Read more

I agree it is stupid. I pay to shop with Prime, Costco and Sam’s mainly because I do realize savings. The items I buy at Sam’s generate enough “credits” to pay for my membership each year and I save about $500-1000/year with the items I buy there. About $200/year in just one item we buy a lot of. Costco is a similar Read more

Consider that maybe, you are not the target customer these companies want. For our household and many others, Costco offers the cheapest gas in town, so filling up there AND buying things everyone needs?- that pays for the $60 membership and they give an extra rebate credit annually (ours is $200-250 on top of the Read more

I never pay to pay, or pay to shop.  Never with Amazon Prime, never with Costco, never with any club stores.  That’s just stupid.  And Amazon retaliates against people who think that way, with three-tiered shipping that takes 2 weeks to go 120 miles.  Bezos ain’t going to space on my dime.
Read more

In American English, we have some interesting slang for numbers. We usually say “one-fifty”, “one-eighty”, “three-sixty” for 3 digit numbers, even though that’s technically incorrect.
Read more

Sorry, Why wouldn’t it just be “F. One. Fifty.” instead of “F. One. Hundred. Fifty”. Read more

Because “Eff Won Fif-tee” rolls off the tongue.
Read more

Smuggle in some LOBO badges.
Sell them to macho-obsessed Americans.
And revel in the irony that bro-boys have illegal immigrant badges. Read more

I’m buying an F-150 soon. My wish list is now complete (deletes truck nutz).

Lobo Tremor sounds like what you get when you suffer a bad reaction at a Salsa concert.
Read more

A friend of mine had his F-150 stolen in Yuma, AZ. A few months later the insurance company called him to notify the truck had been found in Mexicali, Baja California. He told me the thieves had replaced all the F-150 badges with Lobo ones. Read more

Great story. Is there an eBay market in U.S. for Mexican LOBO badgets? there should be. No, i’m not going to search myself... Read more

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I’m going to guess Ford did what Sony did. You see, Sony isn’t someone’s name or for that matter, anybody’s (animals included) name. It was conceived after researching the two syllables that almost everyone on the planet could pronounce, “so” and “nee”. Imagine trying to say “F-150" in Spanish: “Effe,