World's Fastest Indian is a must-see for gearheads.

If I lived in a city and it radically changed my insurance because fuck driving in cities. Just let go of the wheel and say goodbye to personal responsibilities and fighting the insurance companies. Read more

Heated seats are golden on days with -20c and below. I can see it go, though. They usually only work every other time anyway.

I always have a bottle of pop on longer trips. These are brilliant.

Keyless entry. Buttons that do what levers can do (except windows, of course) I don't need an entertainment system. I need some good speakers, an rds or maybe dab radio and an aux port. Also, any semblance of key-fob-hole or start button or any of that stuff. I can put my key in the ignition and turn it to start. I Read more

Fun Fact: Adam Opel was very skeptical of automobiles. His sons had to wait for him to die before they could attempt their first cars. If my memory serves me correct anyway. Adam Opel produced bicycles and sewing machines. Read more

Monday Night Rehabilitation Fuck Yeah! Brought to you by Brawndo.

Is it any good, though? The VXR/OPC models always look good on paper, but are oh so half hearted. I guess at least it would deal better with understeer what with the awd.

Oh, my... They made a series of it? =( I read the first book and the ending was perfectly perfect. Should I pick up the other books? Will I just be disappointed? Will it kill any sense of magic the first one left me with?

This. So much this. It's like.. what? What does that even refer to? It's the kind of silly name Chinese car makers will put on their cars. "What does celebrities do these days? They write autobiographies. Let's call our car that."
When will we see the Range Rover Rehab? Or the Range Rover Half-Hearted-Come-Back.

Aside from the whole safety thing, old cars have a different sense of reliability. In the context of new cars, reliability means you never have to take your car to the shop ever. In the context of old cars, reliability means that if you perform routine maintenance, you'll only have to go to the shop when dammit Read more

That's like calling "broken down Datsun" redundant. Yes, Datsun, and all cars for that matter, will break down, because they can't possibly not break down, but not all Datsuns have broken down. Utopias aren't inherently something that have failed. Read more

Surely it doesn't. A utopia itself needn't necessarily have failed for it to be a utopia. A failed dystopia would perhaps be redundant, but then dystopias are often another man's vision of a utopia.

It's only flaw is in the driver's seat.