Jun 15 2017

So if Im correctly interpreting this giant wall of aggressive crazy correctly, basically the story here is that she skipped work while her boss was out of town and her boss fired her when she found out?

Well goddamn, what a travesty! Who could have possibly seen that coming except literally everyone that has ever had Read more

Jun 8 2017

Britney has that “Running out to the 7-11 for some Winston Ultra Lights” aesthetic and she is sticking with it, by God.

Jan 23 2017

Agreed. Super not into shitting on the newcomers for what they haven’t previously done.

Dec 25 2016

I know this is supposed to give some sort of relief, but honestly, the thought of never finding someone to love and to love me romantically is truly the most depressing slog toward death I can possibly think of.

Dec 25 2016

I think you should refrain from offering unsolicited relationship advice to the author of an article explicitly describing how tired she is of receiving unsolicited relationship advice.

Dec 25 2016

The lengthy “you can do it if you try these things!!!” responses further down the thread manage to accomplish the neat trick of missing this essay’s point and underlining and bolding why it needed to be written. Read more