Yesterday 11:16PM

Man, I don’t like Britney. But she made the music, she went on tour, she put in the hours. Her family literally leeched off her (I'm looking at you too, Jamie Lynn). She made the money. If she's batshit crazy, it's her money. It's her life. Let her live. Leave her alone. 

Monday 7:49PM

Area Scorpion Puts Smaller Scorpion in Bra, Gets Stung.

Sunday 12:07AM

Force yourself to keep your next therapy appointment. Send what you just wrote here to him/her/they; no edits, no clean ups. Tell Therapist this is where you’re at and you need help, now. Read more

Saturday 8:40PM

Forgot to mention the results of the repeat mammogram and ultrasound: I have three small masses, all less than 1 cm and all right next to one another, that appear to be complicated cysts (meaning they have thin, pliant walls, but there are bits of what might be solid debris inside instead of the clear fluid found in Read more

Saturday 6:31PM

Air conditioning is the one thing I will fight for in the environmental apocalypse. I figure I have a low carbon footprint in other areas—I rarely travel (even pre-covid); I eat a vegetarian diet and am slowly cutting back on dairy; I have no children; I am buying only used clothing (almost only used—underwear, sports Read more

6/18/21 1:57PM

This is cumbersome, but I think I found a work around... sort of. Someone just replied to me in grey and I obviously couldn’t find their comment in the comment section to star it so from my notifications, I clicked their name and went to their discussions tab and found the reply to me and clicked the little bookmark Read more

6/18/21 10:13AM

I mean if there was ever a man who doesn’t give off a vibe of “danger” it’s definitely that man in that photo... Read more

6/17/21 10:42PM

If your response had been after the jump, I wouldn’t be able to access it. Greys may as well be banned, functionally. Read more

6/17/21 8:45PM

He probably could’ve phrased it better, but I agree with the underlying sentiment 100%. It’s absurd that every male friendship gets distorted into a potential gay relationship, even when there’s no evidence beyond the relationship being just a male friendship. Happens with female friendships, too (see, e.g., Read more

6/17/21 8:31PM

If any bloggers are reading (Julianne?), we still cannot respond to grey replies if they are after the jump. Read more

6/17/21 8:13PM

For full context, Sebastian Stan has gleefully given his support to Bucky being shipped with absolutely ANYONE people want.

6/17/21 5:58PM

machine gun kelly must know how to work his dick because christ, I don’t see any other possibilities in terms of redeeming qualities for that sideways asshole.

6/17/21 2:26PM

Yay! Hope it helps! If you find you miss the abrasive action of baking soda but want something safer, they do make proper exfoliating powders these days. They’re not nearly as cheap as plain old baking soda, but you should be able to find one in the $15-20 dollar range and at the rate you use them, they should last Read more

6/16/21 11:51PM

The green in cosmetics is to counter and soften the redness in skin. I have used a redness reducing BB cream that comes out of the tube green but turns flesh toned.

6/16/21 9:20PM

“I also swear by what I call the poor woman’s scrubs, which is adding about half a tablespoon of baking soda to my morning scrub a couple of times a month and *gently* exfoliating.” Read more

6/16/21 3:55PM

Neck and chest, man, neck. and. chest. From the chin down and boobs up, I look 65. Also, my décolletage loves to look sunburned no matter how much SPF I put on.

6/16/21 1:10PM

Why don’t you just use soap and a reusable washcloth to get the clean gentle scrub? Or a reusable (non-electric) face brush for a more intense clean? Wipes have plastic in them, come in plastic packaging, and add to landfills. Fine once in a while, but each one you use will be on the earth hundreds of years after you Read more