Lovely. But not for breakfast, too much work. Read more

Cat and i had a fun night. She wandered about the bed and the house more than usual, many nose kissing events. I got cranky, she ignored. Finally got to sleep. Early hours of the just dawning morning my eyes reluctantly opening to see a dark splash on my pillow, did i have a nose bleed? Get up. No. A hairball spread Read more

What i’ve had. Protect your chest from pneumonia. Stay warm. Salt water gargles. Hot tea. Good luck. Read more

Have you thought about creating the journal you want? Set it up, then fill it in. Read more

You got em. 🙏🏼 💗💓💞 Read more

He will be too dated to read now. More of an historical curiosity. Read more

Don’t belive everything you read. Read more

The first? Wouldn’t that be Lilith? Read more

When i first saw the headline i thought it was russian trolling to discredit the fbi. Apparently i was wrong. Read more

If this is a problem then start working to put a stop to it. This is not the way elections are supposed to be done. Read more

He exists to belittle and harass democrats. He has no principles. Read more

More people could take advantage of absentee balloting. Vote, go away, come back to a whole new world. Not a bad thing. Read more