May 13 2015

Didn’t know that! Apparently there was also a series of relays that would automatically switch it back and forth that was tied to the same computer that controls the door lock actuators and windows so that you would know when there was a problem by being unable to unlock the driver’s side door from inside the car. Read more

Apr 27 2015

it’s one of those “go-to” bits that automotive writers trot out from time to time. like “plasticky interior,” “agricultural engine,” and so on. usually means the writer’s knowledge about the subject comes primarily from what he’s heard other people say about it.

Apr 27 2015

Same problem for both. We don’t build the best weapon system, we build the one that bought the most politicians.

Apr 27 2015

Kinja is fine. It’s a tool for commenting on the internet and we don’t deserve nice things. i.e. Am I going to give you a shovel to dig a hole? No! Use this playing card.

Apr 21 2015

I’d do what Peugeot used to, and hire Pininfarina to design my ordinary cars.

Apr 5 2015

I unshared your post from Oppo. And so as to be perfectly clear about my reasoning, I unshared it mostly because it seemed to be shit stirring and brought a way out of left field topic front and center, without any sort of warning, or way for those who didn't want to encounter the general topic to avoid it. We talk Read more

Mar 30 2015

Too bad about the death, fatal illnesses are usually the hardest to recover from. Get well soon Johan.

Oct 13 2014

I am asian, I live in CA, and I drive a modified car. There is no way to get out of a ticket once they pull you over, I don't even try. It doesn't matter how old I am (I am late 30's) or if I am wearing my scrubs going to work seeing patients or if I am wearing my suit going to meetings.