Apr 11 2016

With all due respect to the Onion Knight... who gives a shit about Davos in this frame? Do you all see what I see?? I see Ghost. Ghost. That direwolf is about to go HAM and rip multiple Crow’s innards out!! In fact I hope to see Ghost chew ollie into jerky.

Mar 27 2016

Another good question. Long story short: my husband started watching it, and my curiosity was piqued. So I watched the first episode with the resolve that I would not keep watching if it was too gory. It was DEFINITELY too gory. I also really, REALLY wanted to know what happened next. So here we are, five seasons Read more

Mar 20 2016

Fuck no. I fold it in half like a decent human being.

Mar 4 2016

Yes. I’m only allowed to complain about one thing per year, and this is my thing.

Feb 25 2016

Yes! So excited. And seriously, people, if you haven’t watched Peaky Blinders, go watch it RIGHT NOW. It is so good. Read more