10/10/14 7:12PM

Sriracha is great, but, much like the woefully over-hyped bacon, is not meant to be paired with every fucking thing you can eat, ever.
Read more

10/02/14 1:31PM

I don't get the appeal of it. When I'm done eating, I sure as shit don't want to sit there. I hate just sitting somewhere and doing nothing.

10/02/14 1:29PM

Is this a common thing that servers actually get fed for free at restaurants elsewhere? Because that happens basically nowhere here. And as far as customers sneezing on it, that's still the server's choice to take that risk. Plenty won't, but I did, and I never got sick from it (at the same time, working in a Read more

10/02/14 12:51PM

He's full of shit, as are all the members of RATM. Morello is worth like $30 million and lives in a gated mansion in Los Angeles. Flies in private jets everywhere. He is the definition of a "caviar communist".

10/02/14 11:48AM

Oh hey, there are two ways the American restaurant industry is better.

10/02/14 11:46AM

Uh, yes it does, when you consider that we're an American website talking about American restaurants using an American system of measurement. So yes, for the purposes of this post (and basically anything about the American service industry), I could not possibly give less of a shit about restaurants outside the US.

10/02/14 4:19AM

It's not being sanctimonious. I always make sure that ALL my staff whether FOH or BOH have a meal and the time to eat it for each and every shift they work. I also provide more food on long or particularly hard shifts or services. We just don't eat dead food in my kitchen. I never had a problem with grazing or eating Read more

10/02/14 3:29AM

Cool, I will be sure to never, ever, EVER work for you, because that's some petty, sanctimonious bullshit.

9/22/14 12:12PM

Do you need to? No. Modern engines are *smart* enough to figure out that you put cheap gas in them, and detune themselves accordingly so as to avoid damaging themselves. Read more

9/22/14 11:57AM

im a biochemist, with many engineer friends. Not one can explain to me, at least not in lay mans terms, what happens after the torque converter. That's why they are all condemned to fail, except for Toyota corrollas from the 90s. Amazing how they never die. Read more

9/04/14 10:14PM

I had the same reaction. I mentioned it above, but I stand by it here too: this is gonna come to blows because, Fort Myers. Someone is gonna send their kid up to the counter as a ketchup decoy and it's all gonna go downhill from there

9/04/14 9:50PM

All three of those things are on a hamburger, and they are awesome. I'm not mixing them to make a sauce. I'm putting a stripe of each, because they are fricking delicious together. Read more

10/24/13 2:46PM

Are these rankings a la mode or not? That matters. All pie should come a la mode, but not every pie can stand the competition on the plate.