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So, when you have walked those 200 meters from one wall to the other, you have crossed the line.  Read more

3 million residents and 6 million immigrant workers who can’t leave because their employer seized their passport. Read more

Have you heard my new band, Spinning Chrome Anus? Read more

I’m thinking 105 miles of mirror finish in a sand filled environment is a BAD idea.

I feel like spending more than 5 minutes on mulling this over could present a multitude of fundamental issues with this project. Read more

Look, there’s two kinds of people: the kind who like to keep their perhiperals in a pristine state like they just came out of the box, and the rest of us who when you turn our keyboards upside and shake they rain crumbs and debris. Congrats on being a human being. Read more

On behalf of all Kinja, let me thank you for not putting this in a slideshow or a video.

I’m going to add Disney. I do not get the appeal. At. All. If I had kids, I might go once, or if I lived nearby, but I know people who go every year. They spend tons of money to travel there, stay in a hotel, and go to a place with crowds, kids, and lines. That’s my idea of Hell. Read more

I edit court reporter transcripts, so I’ll add one more thing. There is someone in the room writing everything that is said. So speak slowly; enunciate (especially with acronyms - so many letters sound the same!); don’t use a ton of fillers like um, uh, and like; spell names; and most important, don’t talk over anyone. Read more

I’m sticking with my love of stainless steel. Though avoid black stainless steel like the plague.  If you scratch it, you get to live with the scratch forever.
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Cleaning. Stainless steel will show every smudge, spill, and crumb in your kitchen. If you have children or pets, it will look like a crime scene with all those finger and paw prints. You’ll be cleaning constantly. Read more

I really like the matte slate finish that is growing in popularity for stainless steel appliances. It’s got the benefits of stainless steel while toning down the silvery color. It’s supposed to resist fingerprints, too. The matte black stainless steel can look good in some designs, too, but it can be a riskier Read more

Stainless steel is rust-resistant, not rust-proof. Read more

This article provides no reason to pick anything other than stainless steel. It merely confirms that stainless steel is the best, but there are other colors available if you feel like it. Read more

There are stainless steel alloys that do allow magnets to stick. It depends on the amount of nickel in the alloy and other factors. Our current stainless steel refrigerator and our previous one both allow magnets to stick to them without trouble. Read more

they can get tax breaks for actual charity performed. running a food bank? taking in the homeless? great, you get a tax break! just here to collect money and yell at people? pay your taxes like any other business.
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Yep. At this point there’s no way for the government to ensure that an individual church isn’t violating the IRS’s “no politics from the pulpit” rule, so all of them need to be taxed as if the pastor were stumping for a candidate every week (because a hell of a lot of them are). It’s too bad, because there certainly Read more

It won’t be too late until the primer dries. His god-awful Team America color scheme is dumb. Read more

They need the 24 months to remove all of the gaudy tasteless gold coloured crap that Trump ordered.  Read more