Andy "Cough, Cough" M-S
Jun 30

I just read the news that Carl Reiner died & I’m very sad. Mel Brooks must be heartbroken. This year is terrible. Read more

Jun 29

As a currently pregnant person, thank god. I have a solid job (that’s hard to get fired from now), make a decent income, am married to a great guy, and have all the support of my family (when I eventually tell them)........... But I still want mine and every woman’s right to an abortion to be there and accessible.  

Jun 29

Sitting over here in the fine state of Louisiana may I just tell you I am fucking THRILLED WITH THIS THIS MORNING??!?!?!? I don’t know about the state as a whole but here in the evil liberal bastion of a city I’m in we are JUBILANT.

Jun 28

My pink oysters growing on manure. Theyll have to compete with mold cause I didn’t have a way to pasteurize 50lbs of manure. All the golden oysters are probably dead cause the jars dried out too much but I threw them in the ground anyways, not expecting anything from those though.

Jun 27

The colour or the month is green. I have spoken.

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Jun 21

Our lilies are just starting to open, and I think this kind is my favorite pop of color in the whole garden, since the cat mint is popping up behind them:

May 31 2019

If you have stairs you can use them to produce a natural stack effect; when the sun goes down open windows on the ground floor, ideally to catch the prevailing wind, and open the windows on the upper floors on the opposite side of the house. The cooler air coming in will for the hotter air out the windows upstairs.