Andy "Cough, Cough" M-S
Aug 24

I’m watching the person doing the invocation at the Republican National Convention.  And now they’re having some

Aug 19
Morning Bagel Run

We like bagels, but the closest places to get them open after 8:00. So when I got up at 5:00 this morning, I read

Jul 28

I know people who suffer from chronic depression. I don’t, which is good. But last night I had two dreams in which I

Jul 27

This guy shares so many of the properties that are attributed to “incels.” Also, he was fucking insane.

Jul 20

The next time I hear (or more likely see) the expression “it’s genius!” I am going to do someone or something harm.

Jun 28
Goodbye, Columbus

This past week, the City of New Haven removed the statue of Christopher Columbus from Wooster Square Park, in the

May 28
Plant Question...

This is my office plant, Phil. He’s spending a few months at home with me, and recently had a traumatic experience

May 2
Up Early OT

I was up early this morning, so I decided to ride up to the top of East Rock, above New Haven. Happily, the park has

Apr 28
Something Uplifting

Caught the egret in flight this afternoon. That’s uplifting. I need it. Right now, one of my professors from law