Aug 25

I do think people should be going to the movies. If they can go to a house party with 700 people without masks on, they can put on a mask and go to a movie Read more

May 25

Just because Tencent is required to give data doesn’t mean they require said data from the companies they invest in. This type of fear mongering is xenophobic and/or racist as it casts all Chinese people as devious information brokers. Read more

May 25

Tencent is pretty much the Disney of video games now; the largest gaming company in the world. And given that they must give every iota of data to the Chinese government on demand, the rest of the gaming world SHOULD be concerned. Read more

May 11

Mando: “If you had earned your armor rather than stolen it, you’d know about the air conditioner.”

Apr 4

1) Animal Crossing is not only for you. this game is for all sexes and all ages. So the bunny items are not terrible for everyone nor is it the end of the world to everyone when they find more eggs. Read more

Apr 4

Use fish bait and it removes eggs from the fishing loot table.

Apr 3

Anecdotal, but every time I think “hey, I should rent [movie] tonight”, I remember my bloated Netflix and Disney+ watchlists and end up playing Animal Crossing for three hours instead.

Mar 17

But Widow specifically likely has important time-sensitive stuff relative to the rest of this phase. If they push it back too far does it throw off their entire cycle?

Mar 9

It’s not really mind blowing when you realize that white men failing upwards is peak America. 

Mar 9

Considering they put Simon Kinberg in charge of directing Dark Phoenix after he was responsible for writing three of Fox’s worst superhero movies - The Last Stand, Fant4stic, and Apocalypse - I think you’re probably right.

Feb 14 2020

I heard a theory that the writers left it open-ended where it could have been Brenner or Hopper. They were waiting to see Harbour’s level of commitment after his turn in Hellboy. Obviously, that movie wasn’t the hit Harbour had hoped so it opened up his schedule to return to Stranger Things. Just a theory, I heard...I Read more