Andrew Gore
6:30 PM

Slow speed is the best way to refine skills. At an off-road school I did, a drill we performed was to drift around 4-cones. Just making one complete circle took a LONG time to accomplish. Following that with a game of follow the leader on a rain soaked grass track....mmm good times. Read more

9:29 AM

I can’t imagine reliability “issues” being anything more than internet hubrub. This specific 2V motor has been out for quite a few years at this point. The bike build quality to me seemed bang on par with what it should be. The way they got the price down, was cutting out pricier suspension bits. Compared to my KTM, Read more

6:07 PM

I had the chance to test ride one today. It was an Urban Enduro, which brought me back to the first bike I rode....a 1974 Kawasaki 175 2 stroke. It’s the spitting image of that bike, and just screamed of being the perfect retro\all-around daily commute\fun bike.

6:11 PM

Would it really be that difficult for you guys to post some actual source information?