6:58 PM

While Livanart is dressed as a black character with black skin, she hasn’t applied make-up or paint; her transformation into Pyke is achieved through the wearing of a prosthetic suit. Critics see this as a loophole, and that the same intent as blackface—to alter your skin colour to match that of a black person, a Read more

12:55 AM

It’s not customers’ jobs to micromanage the staff and make sure they actually do the job they agreed to do. If he had asked any sooner, you or someone else would’ve bitched about him being impatient. Read more

9:24 AM

Honestly all the characters in power, men and women, have been shit for years on the show (the only disturbing difference was the constant use of sexual violence against female characters to “prove a point” writing wise), with the overall message, due to it being fanfiction of the Wars of the Roses and Wars of the Read more

3:25 PM

Andrea, who is already permanently banned from GDQ for wearing a MAGA hat during a previous GDQ and never apologized. Andrea, who has called her viewers f****ts and used the n-word on Twitter. Andrea, who has a serious history of stirring shit up for the sake of it. Hard for me to blame GDQ for not immediately Read more