Aug 27

It’s funny. The cops went searching for that guy immediately. Caught him within minutes, arrested him, and charged him. Read more

Aug 27

Those fucking ‘Murica uggs are the shit icing on the incel cake. 

Aug 27

Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskinis has got to go. He oversees a police department that shoots unarmed citizens in the back, has its officers handing out water to murderers and militia members out past curfew and then essentially says the victims of a gunman deserved it.   

Aug 26

The bitch got arrested. Wonder what restaurant he was taken to...

Aug 24

Is tuition cheaper if I watch from the corner of the room... Read more

Aug 4

That's a fantastic headline.

Jul 30

Hmmmm...pretty sure that’s NOT Amy Adams pictured in the lead in to this article, but actually Isla Fisher.

Jul 23

Correction: the S2000 is the better Miata. 

Jul 23

Where I grew up in Indiana, moving more than a county away was frowned upon, especially for women. Having any career dreams larger than a part-time gig at Hobby Lobby was considered unladylike. Read more

Jul 23

I turned to this article thinking it was a service of some kind. “What kind of crazy app is making its rounds now?” I innocently thought. Instead it’s this garbage. Quickly reminding me why I stopped going to Gizmodo, Kotaku, and Lifehacker. Read more

Jul 23

To me, “hubby” conjures an image of a very specific type of dude: a slovenly figure who ignores his screaming toddler to check on his fantasy draft picks, a guy who argues with “wifey” about whether it’s appropriate to wear his stained cargo shorts to her sister’s wedding. Read more

Jul 15

You know something... this song was actually a bit of a bop.

Jun 6

Doubled in what one person was willing to pay is not the same as doubled in value.

Jun 2

What is this, a console for ANTS?!

May 21

I don’t think it would last very long. No one wants my advice in real life because doing the right thing is fucking hard. Read more

Apr 29

Why do you act like the two are mutually exclusive? One of my favorite lines from Babylon 5: Read more

Feb 28

Like this guy. I’m an eBay seller. This guy (easy enough to find since their profiles are always fully public) ordered some parts from me twice. I don’t ride, I just sell random stuff. Anyway, he ordered part #1 and got it in 3 days. Then he ordered part #2 and (through no fault of mine) it was 2 days late. On the