11:23 AM

These and other leaders who are playing the “no one told us”, “no one could have prepared”, “no one was expecting” BS game should be summarily removed from office for criminally negligent inaction. It was knowable. It was widely reported. As early as December when China started dealing with this there was ongoing Read more

11:38 PM

I guess the downside of running a con in the middle of a pandemic is that a heap of people have nothing better to do than research your obvious con. Read more

11:01 PM

*sigh* so I know lots of people take the meaning of the mysterious guest in “The Masque of the Red Death” to be a manifestation of hubris, greed, gluttony, and selfishness, but...there’s a very real lesson to be learned that when you try to ride out a pandemic like this, or by flying to some poor sunny country with Read more

7:26 PM

The sympathy that Joe Exotic is getting is actually quite disgusting. Like did we all watch the same miniseries. He deserves to be in prison. People can’t be mad that he not only incriminated himself but he was outsmarted by a bunch of greedy, stupid psychopaths. The only thing I feel bad about are all those poor Read more

6:32 PM

jesus - what in the name of misogyny is this post even? I’m not a Carole Baskin apologist* but the vitriol directed at her, over this “documentary” cannot be explained any other way. She is not breeding big cats, she is not murdering/euthanizing big cats, she is not preying on and entrapping young folks using drugs Read more

6:19 PM

Yeah, no. Lots of people think he’s just fine. An American hero, in fact. I’m sure the venn diagram of those people and Trump supporters is a perfect circle, but *gestures broadly at everything*

6:17 PM

Whoa. Hey. Leave the imperial system out of this. Just cause you want everything in tenths doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t use more creative units of measure and convert when needed.

6:11 PM

Carole Baskin is the least bad person on that show, compared to all the men who show varying degrees of malignant narcissism, psychopathy, and general stupidity and villainy. Read more

4:48 PM

Yeah, like, Carole Baskin runs an animal sanctuary that is actually accredited. I watched Joe ruthlessly abuse his animals, employees, husbands, and his parents right there on screen.
Read more

4:33 PM

How about Doc Antle, the guy using tiger cubs to bait teenagers into joining a sex cult in Myrtle Beach?

4:21 PM

Just for the sake of accuracy, Lisa Frank didn’t make that drawing-it’s fan art based on a meme that someone else put together. And it seems the company put it up to laugh at themselves for being into crazy colors, patterns and tigers rather than glorifying Joe Exotic as a person. That’s just what I’m getting from Read more

3:45 PM

Joe Exotic did some nasty shit. Getting his “husbands” hooked on drugs, killing tigers, serving expired Walmart meat on shitty Oklahoma pizzas. Not a good guy. Read more

2:47 PM

To be blunt, because Americans have a thing for quirky, shady men with larger than life personalities. Exhibit A: Trump. Read more

2:09 PM

Yyeah Slate has an article that was basically like, “How the f did Carole end up the villain in this story? “