Dec 25

I’m going to facetiously say Death Stranding which I opened this morning, only because I just started a new game of my favorite walking and inventory management simulator, No Man’s Sky, and can’t just start up DS right now. 

Feb 16 2014

I realize that the TF movie toys often have a more simple transforming technique than the onscreen versions, but if that big Grimlock is indicative of how the character transforms in the movie, then it's kind of....underwhelming.
The head splits in two and the tail hangs down his back in a robot mode that has the same

Nov 25 2013

Personally, I always thought the idea of the name "James Bond" being applied to many different men as a sort of code name was awesome. Sort of gave the JB universe that little tinge of plausibility to tie it together.

Oct 19 2013

You haven't been rickrolled until you've been rickrolled in its Klingon original!

Sep 3 2013

From the moment it aired Star Trek: The Next Generation - Conspiracy drove me completely mad. I know a lot of folks hate these episodes, but they introduced new characters, lots of gore, new phaser effects and a cliff hanger that the parasites may find earth and attack again and then when things started up again

Jul 30 2013

Daniel Kaluuya! Wow, completely left field but he'd be great. Fantastic in Psychoville and simultaneously heart breaking and terrifying in Black Mirror.