Oct 7 2015

I like to use USPS if I can, because the modern national/international postal service is basically a modern miracle when you think about it (you can send a physical letter to practically anyone in the entire world, and they’ll deliver it for less than $2. How crazy is that?), and I want to support that. It’s a Read more

Oct 7 2015

I’ve found being okay with being seen as a bitch works for me. I’ve found that, for the most part, anyone who sees you as a bitch for doing X already thought you were a bitch.

Oct 5 2015

The Atlantic Slave Trade between the 1500s and 1800s brought millions of captives from Africa to the southern United States to subjugation on agricultural plantations.

Oct 3 2015

I do believe that you won the internet today.

Sep 27 2015

If she liked your profile pic today, can you send her a FB message if you can’t reach her by phone?

Sep 15 2015

Duh! Because getting you all riled of course means you are a heinous bitch to your husband because MISANDRY and obviously you totes withheld sex last night to punish your husband for being a man.

Sep 14 2015

I just unloaded the fact cannon on one of my FiL’s annoying extreme right buddies on Facebook. We talking about a

Sep 13 2015
I Won a Thing!

Thank you to whomever it was on the a Groupthink who suggested “Canning for a New Generation” to me. I made their

Sep 5 2015

Kim Davis: So that’s when I was thrown into jail for my beliefs. My sacrifice on earth has paid dividends here in heaven. Now let me tell you how I feel about the blacks...

Jesus: *facepalm*

Jul 30 2015

Actually i’d suggest that you educate yourself on this too “I understand how birth defects can occur. There are always clear causes of those.”— because you’re also wrong there— as these websites all explain pretty well:
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