Aug 23 2018

Please tell me some creative sleezeball has a strip club in either of those cities known as “Kansas Titties.”

Aug 14 2018

Vikings fans travel about as well as Buddy Holly.” - line of the series imo.

Aug 7 2018

How to win the Ghetto Lottery:

1. Be Black

2. Resist or refuse a lawful command from a police officer

3. ????

4. Profit

Aug 7 2018

All religious events should be off limits. Weddings, funerals, baptism, bar-mitzvah, etc.

Aug 1 2018

Because the Wii U was trash and you can just bring your Switch around and play against others using your own system. The 3DS also allowed that but the screen is so tiny and the system is so uncomfortable to hold that it sucked.

Jul 30 2018

Uh, he not only has a gun, but pulls it out while running and has it in his hand. As far back as ‘97, I believe, the Federal Appeals Court ruled that a suspect fleeing with a gun in their hand constitutes an imminent threat and can be shot in the back legally. Mainly due to fleeing with a drawn gun and not complying Read more

Jul 30 2018

no, he was shot for running with a GUN!! who knows what his intentions were. Officers did everything right here. the guy was warned, he was told to drop the gun and stop. He chose not to. Yes, this is enough to use deadly force.

Jul 30 2018

Maybe the cops once the guy pulled his gun while he was running? Maybe those guys? Are you blind or just refusing to see what happened in that video because you want to fit in here....

Jul 30 2018

Citizens sitting on a curb with a bottle off alcohol (gin?) with the butt of a gun sticking out of their pockets need to be trained to comply with lawful orders, not flee, then actually pull their gun.
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Jul 13 2018

Perhaps, but it’s hard to feel sympathy for the guy who is staring down his list of charges.