Al Jazeera Chrysler Jeep
Oct 22 2017

Wow, that’s really scary, you should totally stay home, then.

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Oct 12 2017

There’s no disputing that he struggled mightily, but painting this as a continuation of some second half slump writ-large is a little inaccurate. He killed it in September and hit 15 home runs and had a 1.352 OPS. He hit a home run in the WC game. He was on fire coming into the ALDS. Read more

Jun 22 2017

Imagine how terrible of a driver you have to be to 1) react to a biker kicking your car at highway speeds, 2) try to engage a retaliatory attempt to take the biker out, and 3) to then lose control of the vehicle over something that was so inconsequential and not worth reacting to.
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Jan 30 2017

I wonder if the birds are subject to carrion regulations?

Jan 26 2017

It’s like this isn’t even a car site anymore.....pickup trucks and minivans? Best we could do here? Come on.....Let’s give him a jalopnik special - the volvo wagon! Only more like volvo SUV for dog purposes.

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Jan 23 2017

Did the researchers know this? It would mean that a starting pitcher might not be jet lagged (for example, if you sent the starting pitcher from Chicago to Los Angeles 2 days before he played).