Dec 23 2016

“Forcing dozens of women to go and perform for this man is without a question going to be problematic.” Read more

Nov 20 2016

It’s so true though, It really hits you when you are used to driving an aquarium on wheels and you get in a newer car. The panaraomic windscreen and all the glass around you in my giulia (above) is so amazing compared to new cars with their massive blindspots.

Have we gotten to the point where makeing cars safer and

Oct 25 2016

They need to stop deluding themselves with the whole “skill” rating thing. It’s a win/loss rating above all else and how horrible your teammates are factors into your score far more than any actual skill you have.
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Sep 20 2016

Sounds mean? Maybe you and I are working from a different reference point.

Jun 3 2016

I’ll say this about the Germans (and the Dutch) - they really love ice cream more than anybody I’ve ever met.

May 2 2016

I’ve done 5 Gumballs. Many dicks, but some great people back in the day, among the Charles Morgan, Jr, friend of all real car guys. There were many, many more such characters, and I miss them all. Read more

Feb 22 2016

The sponge is a red herring. That in and of itself isn’t that surprising—it’s pretty common for companies to make one enclosure that will hold the internals for multiple products, and a foam brick is a pretty common way to prevent electronics from moving where they aren’t supposed to. Actually it’s one of the better Read more

Feb 17 2016

Dutchie here, you just gave me a hardon. Keep your f35s and sign us up for some f22s. If your congress would ask nicely I'm sure the Dutch gov will pay up, they always do!