Alex Baracskai
6/01/15 10:06AM

Hey Nissan and take note, this is what you need to do to the Z. Or have the balls to bring back the 240SX. But, as with some Japanese auto manufacturers, they rather design cars for blind soccer moms, or hipster fucks that you want to bash their face in 80 centillion times with an Easton aluminum baseball bat.

3/09/15 8:19PM

I'm still trying to work out why people like apple. I haven't heard a single good thing about the last iPhone, other than the whole reversal on the screen size issue. Their hardware game might be solid (if still wildly overpriced. Actually, their mobile processors are still wildly underpowered compared to android Read more

1/21/15 4:45AM

I hope that robot wouldn't malfunction, gaining it's own self consciousness, then decided to getting up all night to get lucky. (Start to break into the song, guys!)

1/03/15 1:55AM

The GT3 weighs 498 pounds more than my car. It has 475 hp to my 272 hp.

6/04/14 6:19PM

This isn't incompetence people, this is EXTREME P.C. BUILDING!! Fuck thermal paste, fuck putting the CPU on first, just stack that shit in mid air and slam it down baby!

6/03/14 11:32AM

Ok... let's set the record straight.

6/03/14 10:05AM

Right. And both Microsoft and Apple owe their GUI designs to Xerox PARC. I guess fanboys gotta fan...but really WHO THE FUCK CARES!

5/02/14 12:55PM

And what about Porunga ... the dragon from Planet Namek?