Apr 18 2018

Oh man my first test drive in a FR-S was also my first time in a 6-speed with R on the left, didn’t even know about the lockout function, so I was worried about putting it in R instead of 1, overcorrected, and accidentally tried a hill start in 3. I could still smell clutch smoke when I drove away from the dealership Read more

Apr 16 2018

Non-story. Every company large to small, attempts to minimize recordables to try and keep their insurance premiums down. These people are treated for their injuries, and return to work. This is not a smoking gun.  

Apr 6 2018

well good thing vw came along to correct those assumptions about diesel particulate right?

Nov 30 2017

The sheriff’s report said that no human remains were found near the vehicle, however, as the only bones they found close to it were those of a deer.

Nov 7 2017

It isn’t all that different in Europe really. American cars don’t sell here either. They’re not competitive. Read more

Sep 29 2017

For a website that claims to love forbidden European fruit you seem really interested in making sure Alfa Romeo fails in America. Read more

Sep 20 2017

Did they increase the strength of both sides, or just the driver’s side? I understand there is an increased likelihood of a small overlap accident happening on the driver’s side than on the passenger side, but there may still be hazards on the shoulder that could cause a similar accident.