Professor Acksman
11:16 AM

Vin Diesel I understand, but you think the jabroni beating, pie eating, trailblazing, eye brow raising most electrifying man in all of entertainment is “generically uninteresting”?

10:12 AM

Love Doctor Who and I think Jodie’s Doctor can be great but is overshadowed by the Fam. They are great respectively but a bit too much every episode. It’s like Rose’s mom and Mickey. Occasionally we had all three, sometimes two, Rose was constant. A lot better that way. Read more

11:15 AM

I miss the same characters, but Ray is Ray. Sweet adorable Ray who had an alien as a friend. Who always looks for the good in people and creatures. It will be hard to see this without him. Read more

10:27 AM

I knew he was leaving, not that it wasn’t by his choice. He goes into a little bit more detail, not much they recorded shortly right after he shot his last scenes so he says he is still processing it all. Read more

10:21 AM

I don’t know the full story, he doesn’t go into it a lot on the podcast. He mentions that he just finished recording his last episode, how his last scene with Nate was very emotional and little more. There was something else there, maybe in the future he’ll feel ready to say what happened. Maybe not. I agree with you Read more

9:14 AM

On unrelated news today, there is a great interview with Brandon Routh on Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum’s Podcast where he says, without going into too much detail, that his departure from the Arrowverse was not his decision and “was not handled well”. I am now sad and mad about this. Read more

11:04 AM

Marlowe wasn’t that bad of a guy as far as I remember. Was killed in a duel for messing with some married woman, other than that, don’t see why he would go to hell. But it’s legends, it doesn’t matter.

10:33 AM

We’ll be left with the soul of the team, we’ll be loosing it’s heart. Mine will be broken. Just as Nate’s.

4:18 AM

This new one is cute but it’s also something that was done several times: Batman crouching on a roof, the cape that transforms into something else, it’s been done. Read more