February Game Night:  DOTA 2

This will be the final game night of the year. We did it! We went an entire year of game nights. And I bring this up because, welp, I’m done! I’ve had a lot of fun playing games with everyone but I am in need of a little R and R free of obligations for a bit. I have a few projects in the works now that I need to…


TAY House Challenge: Cookie Bake Off was canceled due to lack of enrollment. My bad for scheduling two baking contests so close to each other (and timing it so the contest started like...AT Christmas. Keep your eyes peeled for a new challenge sometime soon.


A Stocking Full of Coal

On an individual and also a global level - this was a pretty bad year. There were lots of good things that happened and for those things I’m grateful (and those may or may not be the subject of an alternate post). But I figured while this is usually the time Nach starts to plan his Top five of Top Five of top five…

WTF Durarararararara?

When I was a teenager I loved anime, I’d watch Berserk, Eva, Trigun, Bebop, outlaw Star, Slayers, Escaflowne, among others. Around the time Chobits came out I began to feel that Anime had moved away from “telling good stories” and more into “let’s just show underwear for 22 minutes” which, if that’s your thing,…

Quiz Bowl Blip: Tonight at 10pm eastern Novibear, Barkspawn, Geostar, Tygore will face Reinier, couch gnome, pswii2008, and mortal dictata in a quiz bowl battle royale for the ages. Maybe. Probably not but at least I’ll troll everyone with chuck norris questions. Stop by the TAY Discord if you want to watch!