Dec 5 2018

I will say, that I do appreciate how Riverdale is taking one (if not the) defining characteristics of Ethel from the comics (her obsession with Jughead) and twisting it in that trademark Riverdale way.

Also, 2/3rds of this episode’s stories could’ve been resolved (okay, so maybe not Veronica not being able to run a Read more

Oct 24 2018

Kind of a small, inconsequential moment, but it seemed like the show was giving a nod to Ethel’s obsession with Jughead in the comics at the end, albeit through Riverdale’s patented subversive lens. Who knows if it will amount to anything (knowing this show, it could go either way), but it was an interesting moment at Read more

Oct 10 2018

*Technically* The CW didn’t pass on Sabrina. Netflix gave WB a better offer (two seasons, full ownership for WB), and so they decided to set it up there. I’m sure The CW regrets it, especially since it loves its crossovers. I won’t lie and say I’m a little sad we didn’t end up with a CW Sabrina show, too.

And for me, Read more