Sep 28

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s a difference between selling to a private party and trading in. If I’m trading in a car, the dealer has trained mechanics, readily available diagnostic equipment, and a lift. If I’m asked a question, I’ll answer it honestly but I’m not volunteering them any information. With a private Read more

Sep 24

Don’t worry, that’s coming tomorrow. 

Sep 23

Pontiac was clairvoyant, dig the nostrils and spoiler on the G6 GXP...

Sep 23

The performance accessory catalog has never been where people go for taste and understatement. Read more

Sep 21

A Morning Shift finally hit 5/5 wrong takes, congrats all around!

Sep 18

That $2100 price sounds like the come-ons in my area and is instead, the down payment required. Read more

Sep 18

I agree. This is a sweet spot for a driver. It may not be the purist model, though if you want something to have fun in a few times a month then then is your ride.

Sep 16

GM: “It takes 50% discounts off our electric car to sell any, and even then they’re slow movers” Read more

Sep 15

I see your point, but think about the Jeep Wrangler: More evolution than revolution. The shell is familiar, but the bones are still all new. I think the lesson learned is if its not broke, dont fix it.

Sep 15

3rd Gear: The violent crime rate in Minneapolis has exploded since the George Floyd demonstrations. For example, homicides through the first 8 months of the year have already exceeded last year’s total. Read more

Sep 14

who will not acknowledge me in hopes that I won’t make any follow-up comments. I will, though. Of course I will.” Read more

Sep 14

Now do it in Orange.

Sep 10

this generation looked so much better

Aug 26

This has been the federal government’s coronavirus response in a nutshell: begrudgingly ordering up a half-baked solution it didn’t even end up using all that much. Read more

Aug 20

Carvana would give me what I paid for my Tacoma 2 years and 30k miles ago.

Aug 20

I’m with you on keeping my reliable, low-mileage paid-off car for the moment. Even though I know what I want to replace it with, I’m not ready in this crazy political, economic, pandemic environment to commit to a loan or lease payment. Read more

Aug 16

It helps, but I still want it lol.