Jan 12

Doesn’t Tig Notaro in fatigues look like the last person you would ever want to mess with?

Nov 13

Sky TV has our first look at Intergalactic, an upcoming prison break outer space.

Oct 15

It’s apparently bringing back the showrunner who oversaw the good early seasons (i.e. up to and including John Lithgow’s appearance), so there’s certainly a case to be made for picking up from the end of season 4 and ignoring the existence of anything that came after.

Aug 5

It’s more “Slagging on Cameron for being a horrible writer”, but sure.

Jul 30

Finally, Kora auditions for Agents of SHIELD by searing a hole through Deke in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Brand New Day.” Read more

Jul 17

If I may, I’d like to recommend one of, if not my absolute, favorites:

Jul 10

I just gotta say that this week’s AoS was amazing. People were wondering why the Breakfast Club song was going during the trailer even though the episode is in 1982-83...well, now you know lol.

May 27

I think the very best thing that DC could do for it’s movie universe is set behind everything Snyder and start from scratch.  

May 20

I love The Muppets SO much that I even enjoyed the ABC show before they went and made it better (and subsequently cancelled it). I can’t wait for this.

Feb 12 2020

If Kevin Feige really wants to get Marsden into the MCU, it would make sense to see the Guardians cross paths with the Starjammers.  Marsden as Corsair makes a ton of sense.