Bylan - Hoarder of LS400's
Aug 30
Engine - Installed

Now the fun begins of finding every fastener and connector. I bagged and labeled most of it but my garage is a MESS

Jul 27
Erl Leaks - Thoughts?

A small oil leak began to drip onto the exhaust downpipe on my brothers S60R. There is no visible oil on top of the

Jul 8
Prancing Mooses? Volvo?

My older brother recently go a 2004 Volvo S60R. Turbocharged Inline 5 Cylinder, 300hp, AWD; it’s a good time. I

Jul 5
Power tilt be gone!

My 97 LS400 has the signature Lexus “Easy-out” feature, wherein the steering wheel moves each time the key is

Jun 3
Engine is out

I got the engine from my donor 99 LS removed today, only damaged one small ground wire in the process. Ordered a new

May 20
Bare naked wires?

Anyone ever seen random bear wires integrated into their cars’ wiring looms? Noticed this today while looking over

May 16
Too many cars

Howdy yall wanted to share some car things. So I bought a very garbage but RUNNING LS400. I now have 3 parked around

Jul 22 2019
Goodmorning Oppo

Tis a beautiful day in Illinois to make some money. I ordered a gallon of Griots spray on wax that I’m excited to

Jul 17 2019
Hey OPPO, AMA or something

I’ve been given the privilege of taking home a brand new Lexus ES350 for a day for “learning purposes”. My new job